Alternative to US and China

1 min readDec 13, 2021

There is a huge battle going on between US and China. None can deny that. Both countries are leaders in many technologies. In some cases China has upper hand and America in others. Although many of the Chinese technologies might be just incremental improvement of copied tech from US. They are both are fighting for the number one spot. To be at the top, both countries are trying to use their power over rest of the world.

Rest of the world is trying to figure out which side to pick. And this is a major dilemma for many countries. Probably, many democratic countries with reasonable size prefer to take American side. While others like poor countries may want china because of infrastructure and funds.

What if no country is required to take sides?

There is an alternative way. It’s the internet. Digital space is far more powerful than any particular country. With lot of countries adopting crypto, internet is going to be much bigger.